First of all, a very happy and prosperous 2014 to everyone! Now, since my pre boards exams are starting on 10th January 2014 till 27th January 2014 and with also the board exams nearing from 1st March 2014, the heat is on!

Every year millions of students appear in the Class 12 Board exam, conducted by CBSE(Central Board Of Secondary Education). But only few percent of students succeed in getting more than 90 percent of marks. Poor guidance is one of the major cause responsible for the poor result of many students. CBSE Class 12 board exam is not as tough as many students consider it to be. An average student who used to study on a regular basis can easily go on to hit 80 percent.

But to avoid last minute tensions and anxiety, here’s some points that can help you to achieve your goal and pursue a career in your life:-

a) Try to study on a regular basis and do not leave it for last moment completion of the syllabus.

b) Complete your project, activity and other practical work by December-end, so that you can get proper time to complete your syllabus on time.

c) Give special emphasis on those subjects in which you are scoring less in school exams.

d) Special attention should be given on revising chapters which you have already completed.

e) In subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, solve 5-10 question daily to attain consistency.

f) Finish easier chapters first as it will boost your confidence.

g) Do not study during late night. It is not going to help your body. Instead sleep as early as possible and wake up early in the morning. In the morning, you will find it easier in learning new or difficult chapters.

h) Do not take undue pressure or stress on your mind. It is only going to harm you.

i) Always read NCERT books regularly. CBSE Board exam question papers are completely based on this book.

j) Do not neglect the diagrams of Biology book or they can tease you in the examination. Practice atleast 5-10 diagrams a day.

k) Take balanced and nutritious diet and try to remain healthy and fit.

l) Take regular breaks during your study time.

m) Try to complete your syllabus by January and give the whole February in doing revision work of various subjects. CBSE generally conducts board exam in the month of March.

n) Leave those chapters which you are unable to memorize. It’s better to become master of one chapter than becoming a slave of all. Wasting much time on a single chapter in last days is not wise. In board exam, each chapter generally carries 4-5 marks on an average.

o) On examination day don’t think about those chapters which you have not remembered. Feel confident about those lessons which you have learned well. It will increase your confidence and will remove your stress.

‘In this way, you will achieve a higher percentile score in your board exams.’ (And I have achieved it, whatever rules I wrote- I got 91% in my CBSE Class 12 Boards). Couldn’t felt better…….. 🙂



    • Hello, Shubhangi. I can understand your point. I was also an above average student studying under CBSE. I just wrote this article to help myself and others that time when our exams were around the corner. If you are under CBSE, please go through the article once again. It is self explainatory. But if you are studying in an ICSE or some other systems of school, then I am sorry to say that since I have no knowledge in this, please refer to some other blogs. Any more doubts, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks!


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