It’s the month of June now. All institutions have completed their sessions and conducting examinations by May and June in New Delhi. Now, in come the admission process. In the blistering heat of New Delhi, where temperatures shooting upto 45 degrees are not uncommon, many aspirants as well as their parents queue up for a long time, in order to get themselves registered for a course and admitted to a particular college.

In this digital era today, everything now has been made online and you can just fill up the admission forms and register yourselves with a click of a mouse, by just simply logging on to any college website. Though the idea of joining a reputed college is quite exciting, the process of getting admission is not that easy. Each college has its own elaborate and extensive screening process. Some colleges conduct entrance examinations, some take interviews and some hold both examinations and interviews.

Though you must have taken and cleared many examinations by now, you might not have got many opportunities to face interview and so that will be the tricky part of the admission process for many of you. While a written entrance test evaluates your academic ability, an interview tries to go beyond and judge your other attributes like personality, reaction to a particular situation and so on.

Here’s a complete guide to help you crack college interviews:-

  • The purpose of an interview is to assess whether a candidate has the aptitude for the course he/she is opting for. During the interview, generally the college wishes to know about the suitability of the candidate for the opted course. It is judged whether his interest in the discipline is genuine or he is just following his peers or parent’s dictates. The main aim of an interview is to ensure that only interested candidates having orientation for the subject gets selected. The student’s knowledge at the time of interview might be average but one should have willingness, potential and readiness to work hard.
  • When it comes to your college interview, dress for success always. Always don a conservative formal wear and do make sure that your outfit is not very revealing. There is no need to be overdressed or put too much perfume either. If you are still unsure about what is appropriate to wear, contact the college’s admissions office to get more information.
  • Do some research about the college prior to the interview. Show that you have done your homework and research before the interview. Do not waste the interviewer’s time by asking questions like what courses are offered, student-to-teacher ratios, extracurricular activities, clubs and so on. Nearly all colleges have websites with helpful questions that can answer preliminary questions you may have. One should know about – ‘Why am I joining this course?’ It helps in the interview if you know the basics of the course and some applied facts or current developments about the course.
  • The interviewer may use your application materials to strike up a healthy conversation with you. Review your application essays, certificates and other important documents before, so that it is fresh in your mind during your interview. 
  • Always adopt a positive body language and attitude. It is quite common to be nervous during the interview. Avoid shaking your legs constantly, biting your nails or playing with your hair. It may distract your interviewer away from your answers. Body language includes slouching too. All such things reduces the confidence and good perceptions about you from others. You want to be comfortable, but not so comfortable that you relax in your chair completely.

  • Be yourself, but be your best self. As you share your strengths and accomplishments, remember to be honest. Do not elaborate or lie about your strengths or list too many weaknesses. For example, if you have only taken a few foreign language classes, say French, don’t say you are fluent! Your interviewer could actually be fluent and ask your next question in French. If you try to project an unreal image of yourself it will expose you during the series of questions. Clarity of thought is very essential. Be confident, but not overconfident.
  • Understanding well – In today’s world of tough competition, when too many students apply for a few coveted seats, you need to present yourself in the interview in such a way that the interviewer sees more content in you than what your application form reflects. Sure, strong academic credentials are necessary, but they are no longer sufficient to earn admission into top institutions. In addition to excellent grades and test scores, students must be able to prove that they are a good ‘fit’ for their choice colleges.
  • Always use good and intelligent language you converse in. It may sound obvious, but avoid using slang or swearing. Remember, that this is not a texting conversation with your friend. You have to make a conscious effort because you might be habitual to using such words in everyday conversations and they might accidentally slip out. Also avoid adding tags to the end of sentences, like ‘you know?’ or ‘right?’. Your conversation with the interviewer can be casual, but make sure you are sentences are properly framed and formal in nature.
  • Do talk about your extracurricular activities. Discuss your extracurricular involvements that set you apart from every other student, like sports, volunteering, theatre clubs, debate clubs, music and others. Do not shy away and hesitate from listing out your achievements.

An interviewer wants you to do well in your interview, so remember to relax and enjoy the interview. Just keep these pointers in mind and you are sure to ace every college interview you give with ease. Head into the interview, feeling confident and be prepared. Just enjoy the interview, as it will be beneficial for you for gaining more knowledge and experience in the long run.



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