Ever received a SMS from a stranger? Hate receiving spam and annoying SMS? Well, here is a good news! Truecaller has launched Truemessenger, a new SMS replacement app for Android phones exclusively. Truecaller is the world’s largest mobile phone community for mobiles, developed by True Software Scandinavia AB in 2009.

It comes with an automated spam filter powered by around 150 million Truecaller community members worldwide. It has been initially launched and is available only in India, with plans to launch globally by the end of 2015 in other countries.

Basically, Truemessenger takes a phone number and using around 150 million members from the Truecaller community it identifies the actual name behind the number. It allows a user to add a name to a number, even for contacts outside their phonebook. The app also allows a user to detect, block and report spam alongside other Truecaller members.

Users can avoid messages from unwanted numbers and contacts and can also have a clean Inbox, where spam messages are automatically sent to a separate folder. It also shows a SMS ID, which shows the name of the sender, even if the name is not mentioned in the users’ phonebook contacts. In other features, the new app also offers advanced filtering options by creating customized filters with known spam keywords or number series.

Truemessenger - screenshot thumbnail

“Today’s messaging apps are under constant attack from spammers and are surrounded by uncertainties, but when we communicate via email for instance, our e-mail app shows you the sender’s name and filters out the spam messages for you, but SMS has lacked these essential components until today,” said Alan Mamedi, the CEO and co-founder of Truecaller.

“With Truemessenger, we have reimagined the SMS app experience by making it more social and putting control back into the users’ hands so they always know who they are communicating with. We know that spam calls and SMS are a major source of frustration for our users globally, and our users in India have been especially vocal in asking for a solution to this problem,” Mamedi further added.

“Today, we begin our launch in India and are really excited to be able to offer Truemessenger into the Indian market to protect our users from spam, and to help streamline their communications. We look forward to subsequent launches globally in the near future. This smart message application saves valuable time, cures curiosity, and helps you communicate more with those you want,” Mamedi commented.