Samsung India Electronics announced the launch of four new products, engineered to deliver exceptional cooling, increased efficiency and lower operating and maintenance costs. The 4 new products include the new 360 Cassette AC, 30 HP Super DVM, 14 HP Side Discharge DVM Eco and DVM Chiller, as a part of the Samsung Air Solutions circle and the ‘Make for India initiative’.

“Samsung will continue to achieve positive growth for the air solution business, by providing our customers with innovative products and solutions that will help them discover a world of possibilities for their businesses. At Samsung, we are focused on helping businesses and our customers with cost effective and energy efficient products. We are passionate about constantly evolving our technology to offer the best products, services and experience to our customers. The products that we are launching today will offer the best user experience possible.” said Mr. Vipin Agarwal, Director System AC Business, Samsung India Electronics.

These innovations in HVAC (High Velocity AC) engineering will transform air conditioning by boosting energy efficiency and performance, minimizing environmental footprint, and increasing cooling speed. These are the new ranges of commercial air conditioning technology. A conference for the same was held at the Hotel Lalit, Barakhamba Road in New Delhi on May 13, 2016. Let us now look at the features of each and every new product of Samsung India:-

Samsung’s New 360 Cassette Design

360 Cassette Brings an Air of Style to Heating and Cooling Industry

It was just over a hundred years ago that the first modern air-conditioning system launched an industry that would fundamentally improve the way we live, work and play. Yet, despite modern technological advances, controlling the indoor environment has remained one of mankind’s most elusive obstacles. Samsung India has set out to solve the challenges posed by conventional appliances with the launch of the revolutionary 360 Cassette, an innovative, bladeless system that incorporates an industry-first circular design for an even airflow and stylish aesthetic.
 When Samsung engineers decided to revolutionize existing cooling and heating technology, they looked to other industries for possible solutions. In the end, wind turbines, which enhance airflow efficiency by bringing in a sub-airflow through their blades from the outside into the main airflow proved to be exactly what they were looking for. To adapt this principle to the 360 Cassette, Samsung added a Booster Fan, a mechanism that uses pressure to alter the direction of the airflow.


With the Booster Fan in place, engineers next had to evaluate how to fix some of the more common pain points of conventional four-way cassette systems, including a way to eliminate direct airflow. So, to ensure a more even airflow, Samsung opted to remove traditional blades altogether from the device. When integrated with an all-new circular shape, a complete contrast to the traditional mounted square, the result was a triumphant one, generating layers of chilled air.

The final product – a bladeless, circular mounted cassette equipped with a Booster Fan, ensured three factors that would contribute to a device that would surely set a new standard in heating and cooling. First, there would be no cold drafts, but rather a cool and comfortable airflow resembling that of natural wind. Next, airflow would ensure even, fast cooling and heating. Finally, the natural curves of the design would make it stylishly appropriate for just about any interior.

In the past, some conventional indoor air conditioning systems posed problems to interior design, a component that has a big effect on the way we interact with and perceive our surroundings. As a bladeless, circular system, the 360 Cassette blends in naturally with its surroundings while providing a stunning finishing touch. In addition, users have the option of a Wheel Dial Remote Controller, with a dedicated button for comfort cooling. The 360 Cassette AC also comes with an additional air filtration feature of Samsung Virus Doctor kit, that can eliminate dust, airborne contaminants, allergens, bacteria, and viruses.

The curved design of the 360 Cassette also complements the styles of modern architecture. As interiors increasingly become bolder and more modern, often incorporating curved lines in their designs, the 360 Cassette, which integrates smooth, natural curves, easily melds with the decor of a variety of contemporary spaces.

The Next in High-Performance VRF: Samsung 30 HP Super DVM S

Samsung adds a boost to the performance and capabilities of the new Super Digital Variable Multi Air Conditioner which delivers enhanced performance, efficiency and reliability with cutting-edge innovation. One of the revolutionary features that boost performance includes the new Super Inverter Scroll Compressor with flash injection technology with an optimized bypass valve to increase capacity by 29%.

Other revolutionary performances boosting features include a Hybrid Heat Exchanger, which increases the heat exchange area, an optimized refrigerant control that delivers an increased efficiency rate of 10% and new oval-shaped diffuser application which increases the airflow rate by 17%. Samsung is dedicated to adhering to regulations that help preserve the environment.

Aligned to this ideology, the Samsung 30 HP Super DVM S (Digital Variable Multi System) also complies with strict regulation thanks to the Leaking Detection System, which automatically begins an active pump down the process to collect the refrigerant and close all valves to isolate it within the unit. The 80 cc compressor in the DVM S 30 HP delivers a 14.3% increase in displacement compared to Samsung conventional models, while the adoption of an asymmetric algebraic scroll allows for a thicker profile in the center and provides greater suction area.

The inclusion of Flash Injection Technology increases refrigerant flow by 32%, extending the heating operation range to -25°C and increasing efficiency compared to Samsung conventional model. The technology involves an injection of mixed vapor with liquid refrigerant for increased refrigerant flow density at low ambient temperature.

The Samsung DVM S 30 HP delivers up to 120 HP with a combined four modular system, an increase of 50 percent in HP compared to Samsung conventional models with smaller modular systems. The single 30HP unit measures less than 1m² and weighs 360 kg, significantly reducing installation space.

The Samsung DVM S 30 HP is engineered to deliver optimized refrigerant control, through the use of individual electronic expansion valves (EEVs), enabling a 2.5% increase in performance and a 4% increase in efficiency, compared to Samsung conventional model. The new oval-shaped design of the diffuser application in the Samsung DVM S 30 HP increases airflow rate by 5%, while reducing noise levels by 3 dBA compared to Samsung conventional model. It has also improved the airflow path by 17%, from 290 to 340 cmm (m³ per min of airflow).

With the launch of the DVM S 30 HP, Samsung continues to deliver smart-design VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) with high performance capacity combined with low installation and maintenance costs. In view of the current trend of growing number of tall high-rise buildings, Samsung believes that the DVM S 30 HP is an ideal solution for its customers.

Samsung DVM S Eco 14 HP

The DVM S Eco 14 HP is a New Side Discharge VRF Air Conditioner, engineered to deliver a single outdoor unit solution for apartment and office buildings. The new VRF unit aims at meeting the growing need for a specialized outdoor unit that reduces the cost of multiple units being used in multi-room buildings.

Innovative features in the DVM S Eco 14 HP include the Inverter Scroll Compressor and corrugate fin that improves performance by 20% and increases airflow by 10%, as compared to standard side discharge VRF units. The increased in power that the DVM S Eco 14 HP comes with, means that a single outdoor unit is needed to manage the air conditioning for an apartment or office building, in place of multiple costly units.

The new unit also provides better coverage due to an extended piping length of up to 160 meters and an installation height of up to 50 meters. The unit is less than one metre (940 mm) in width which allows for a better use of space, while the four-way piping enables convenient installation.

Cutting Edge and Energy Efficient: DVM Chiller

The new DVM Chiller is energy efficient and packs immense power in a compact unit. Samsung has engineered an air-cooled chiller, that offers greater energy efficiency and ease of use in an innovative compact design, following the tightening of EU regulations on F-Gas levels and the increased demand for a water-source HVAC.

The Chiller comes embedded with a world-class BLDC (Brushless Direct Current Electric Motor) Inverter Scroll Compressor with Flash Injection technology, that allows 75% of heating capacity at temperatures as low -20°C and greater energy efficiency. The Chiller also reduces annual utility costs from around 36% to 50%, as compared to conventional chillers.

The Samsung DVM Chiller delivers powerful heating performance while providing cold water through thermal ice storage with an in-built pressure and temperature sensor, which prevents device breakdown from freeze-bursts.