Rejoice, all coffee lovers! The famous American coffee-house company chain that it had announced last week that it will release an application for Windows 10.

Kevin Johnson, Starbucks’s President, said that the company is working in partnership with Microsoft to create the application and that it will take around 30 – 45 days to launch it. Starbucks will develop the application and it will be shipped it to the store and in the next few weeks, the downloadable links will go live.

This information was posted on Twitter, by Starbucks Global Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman, who said that – “We will ship it to the store soon, and will do the final testing, so that we can go live in the next few weeks. However, we still do not have an exact date when the application will be available, but we must be patient and let Microsoft do the rest.”

The launch of the Starbucks app would possibly coincide with the launch of Microsoft’s Anniversary Update for Windows 10 in August. The company has not described the features of the app that would be developed for Microsoft.

The decision to bring Starbucks to Windows Phone may have something to do with the fact that Johnson, who only joined Starbucks last year, is a former Microsoft executive and division president.

The Starbucks app offers a number of great features, including the ability to pay for drinks, track customer rewards, and even order drinks on the go to be picked up at your convenience. The Android and iOS versions of the app have both been very popular, but the app has been strangely absent from the Windows platform.

This move, will now suit the customers’ preference and convenience to use the service on their Windows phones, without any hassles and inconveniences, which they faced earlier. It is very much likely that the company will offer the same features as the Android and iOS versions.

Also, it is not clear whether the app would be available in the mobile version in Windows 10 or not. The most important thing is that all the listed features will be available for free and the existing Windows 10 users will be notified to install the new update soon.

Furthermore, the release of the Anniversary Update is an important milestone for Windows 10, and Microsoft has made a tradition of announcing new major apps every time such a moment takes place, so this just seems to be the perfect time for the company to take the wraps off the Starbucks apps as well.