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LinkedIn, the operator of the world’s largest online business networking service, has recently launched in India a ‘Lite’ version of its website for mobile browsing.

The company, which was recently acquired by Microsoft Corp in June this year for a whopping $37 billion, said that the version was aimed at helping users browse its website faster on their smartphones in areas with slow or poor internet connectivity.

“LinkedIn Lite loads four times faster and provides a better experience to users in urban and rural areas with patchy networks”, Akshay Kothari, the company’s country manager and head of product for India, said at an event in Bangalore. The version will be available in the next few weeks for all the other mobile versions, barring the Android users.

Last year, LinkedIn revamped its mobile app after facing heavy criticism for poor design and user experience. To expand their user base, social networking giants such as Facebook and Twitter have also launched “lite” versions of their services in emerging markets like India and China, which consume less data and mobile battery.

LinkedIn also launched two more services  – ‘LinkedIn Placements’, which is aimed at students looking for jobs while ‘LinkedIn Starter Pack’ will connect startups and small and mid-sized businesses with job seekers. The company has more than 37 million users in India, making the country its second biggest market for the social networking company.