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Houssup, a cost-effective interior décor solutions platform, has recently launched its official interactive messenger app, the Houssup Messenger for people who are interested in setting up their homes with new interior and exterior decors and also other services. The company already has an operational website and customer care number to encourage customers to select and buy a design and also addressing the customer’s grievances.

Making premium interior decoration solutions more accessible than ever before, the interactive application helps its consumers discover design ideas on-the-go based on their taste and preferences, and provides them easy design implementation and premium features such as mood-board creation and project tracking.

“At Houssup, our endeavor is to make interior decor projects hassle-free with the use of technology. The mobile application and Houssup messenger are a step ahead for us in providing the most seamless customer experience. We cater to a technologically-advanced and mobile-first demographic and the launch of our apps are a natural next step in our evolution as a brand,” said co-founder of Houssup and chief strategy officer, Hemant Singh.

Features and Benefits:-

The users can chat with the designers of their choice in real time by video conferencing or simply by contacting him/her in person. They will also discuss ideas and home decor solutions with the Houssup community, a dedicated community that is having a good experience in home décor solutions.

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It also offers expert consultation, designer discovery, project visualisation, design implementation, and budget estimation, which can be easily viewed and tracked by the users in both the website and the new app.

It also examines the customer’s needs and preferences, according to the picture selection and a questionnaire prepared on the spot. After that, the messenger in turn allots five selected designers to provide each customer with a wide range of brand new décor and design solutions.

This allows the users to select the desired design and inform the designer by communicating via the new application. However, the user has to confirm the allotted design to the designer within 24 hours, else the order would get cancelled.

Hence, you have to apply for it once more. It is also proposed that the new app will also have project tracking and modes of payment features in the next developing version, possibly after six months.