Demonetisation has the support of over 93% of the 5,00,000 people who took the survey on the Narendra Modi App , according to a statement put out by Prime Minister Modi’s website. The release said only 2% viewed the demonetisation negatively.

An infographic on Modi’s website said the survey on the Narendra Modi app received more than 400 responses every minute. The respondents were from 2000 different locations, with 93% of them in India. Also, 24% of those surveyed had responded in Hindi.

The 5 lakh who reportedly took the survey did so in just over 15 hours. The numbers released were up to 3:30 pm on Wednesday, and the poll had begun at 10 am on Tuesday. More than 90% of the respondents feel the government’s move to tackle black money is above four-star rating. Around 73% of them gave it a five-star rating of brilliant.

On the overall fight against corruption, more than 92% of respondents either rate the government as very good or good. 57% of them rate the fight as very good. Again, more than 93% people support the move to demonetize the old 500 and 1000 rupee notes . Of the over 5 lakh responses so far, only 2% have rated the move as very poor or one star.
The Prime Minister thanked the people for voting in the survey and had added that further actions would be taken to unearth huge amounts of black money, which was hurting the fastest growing economy in the world in this fiscal year.