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Mumbai Metro One has launched India’s first Mobile Ticketing System, ‘OnGo’ which will help commuters pass the AFC gates using their mobile phones.

The system is in the final advanced stage of testing and will be implemented by mid-August 2018.

With this, the days of queuing up for single-return tickets, tokens, top-ups and store value passes will end.

Through the Mumbai Metro App, commuters will be able to buy their token or pass and generate a QR Code which will be used to gain access through the automated fare collection (AFC) gates.

The ‘OnGo’ will be particularly convenient for those commuters wanting to book their journey through tokens or passes at their own convenience, even from outside the Metro stations and avoid queues before ticketing windows.

“The new feature, the only one of its kind in the country, will add to the overall Metro experience of the commuters. We will endeavour to introduce even more customer-centric benefits in future,” said a Mumbai Metro One spokesperson.

Besides the app, tickets can also be bought though the payment partners’ apps.

Commuters will be able to generate a QR Code through ‘OnGo’ service for current or future journeys upto a week in advance by clicking the mobile app wherein they would pay for their journey.

For the commute, they simply have to display the QR Code before a non-protruding glass on any AFC gate specially installed for this new technology.

Mumbai Metro is a consortium formed by Reliance Infrastructure Ltd, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) and Veolia Transport SA, France, which constructed Maharashtra’s first 11.40 km metro rail in Mumbai running between Versova, Andheri and Ghatkopar.