Faster, Stronger and Lighter! The Olympics symbols are something that I, myself have always endeavoured for. Right from the time, I started my schooling in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore, down to Bangalore and New Delhi, and doing my college course in New Delhi currently, these are the thoughts that my parents have constantly tried to build and drive inside me.

Hello, everyone! I am Prateek Chakraborty, an aspirant pursuing BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication) from Indraprastha University in New Delhi, India. I am an avid lover of new information related to anything ranging from economic, political and historical issues. I am also holding a collection of stamps and coins of other countries, as my father, also a journalist has travelled extensively and along with him, when I was young.

My father, Mr. Pradeep Chakraborty, a very renowned and a profound journalist and the founder and CEO of his two champion blogs in Blogger and WordPress was working in South-East Asia, when I was born on a cold, damp night in the evening hours of New Delhi on December 14, 1995. He helped me to develop an interest in computers, games and sports during my infancy. While, I was growing up, I also developed interest in general knowledge and current affairs.

Due to this early interest in the subject of general knowledge and current affairs, I participated and won four inter-school awards and three intra-school awards between 2002 and 2013. Here, I must describe my father who motivated me to study journalism and he is considered my iconic role model. I feel deeply proud to announce to the world that my great father’s electronics, components, telecommunications and semiconductors blogs have won ten global awards for the last seven years in a row.

In fact, his Electronic Components Blog has made it to the ‘101 Best Resources for Electrical Engineers’, which was his eighth award in seven consecutive years, on September 5, 2014. Recently, his blog Pradeep’s Point won an award from Elite Techno, USA, April 2015, making it a triple hat-trick of global awards in both 2014 and 2015. Such eminent records cannot be shattered at all costs!

He is hungry for more awards as he is hardworking, practical, patient and a man with a free and fair minded approach. His eighth award has been by Pannam Imaging, a government website under the US Department of Science and Innovation. Such achievements make me feel that I am over the moon myself! I would like to follow the illustrious and great footsteps of my father and be successful in my life.

My father’s two blog links for sole reference purposes are given down:-

http://www.pradeepchakraborty.wordpress.com / http://www.pradeepchakraborty.com.

Also, kindly note that all information pertaining to related issues and selected topics are purely true, brief and absolutely precise to the point. Please do not copy too much of the contents as you will be filed for plagiarism strictly. Also, please respect the writer’s own personal views, expressions, ideas and opinions, as it will be beneficial for yourselves only. Enjoy reading my blog’s contents and any problems you come across, drop down a comment and I will clarify your doubts. Cheerios! 😉 🙂



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